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Our exceptional staff has the skill and know-how to recommend the personal or business insurance that may be best for you. We will customize a plan specific to fit your needs and your budget.


Alan Stark

Agent & Agency Principal

Phone: (517) 332-7500

Alan began working in the insurance industry as an agent in 1973, and is the founder of the Stark Agency. At the office, he works with personal and commercial lines, as well as life and health.


Lynn Myers

Customer Service

Phone: (517) 332-7500

Lynn joined the Agency in January 2009 and has made herself right at home. Lynn has worked in the insurance industry since 1996. She has worked in both personal and commercial lines customer service and was the office manager for several years before moving here. Lynn completed her personal lines CISR designation in 2000 and became fully licensed as an agent in 2009.


Leon Stark

Agent & Owner

Phone: (517) 332-7500

Leon joined the Agency in 1998. He graduated with a degree in Marketing from Lake Superior State University in 1995, and worked in different segments of the business world before joining the family business. At work, Leon works with both personal and commercial lines of the business.


Sonya Anderson

Personal Lines Coverage

Phone: (517) 332-7500

Sonya has been helping clients with questions and coverage since 2016. She brings her smile to work every day and the people we serve always notice it. She has extensive knowledge of personal lines coverage and processing as well as some training in the commercial arena. She is always a great person to talk to when situations come up and changes are needed on a policy.


Gary Stark

Agent & Owner

Phone: (517) 332-7500

Gary joined the Agency in 2007 and completed his Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation in 2019. At work, he deals with personal lines insurance and oversees the technology aspect of the business.


Candice Kenyon

Personal Lines & Billing

Phone: (517) 332-7500

Candice joined the Agency and the insurance industry in 2020. What a time for a career change! Candice is very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of personal lines coverage and billing and is always happy to help. She works closely with the agents and also with underwriters to help our clients and keep people’s coverage right where it needs to be.

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